What You Need To Know Before You Pick A Real Estate Agent

Dated: 02/26/2018

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This article comes from https://www.huffingtonpost.com/ by Ann Brenoff. I like this article because it separates Real Estate agents and what they do and know. Being a full time real estate agent requires a lot of time and effort to get transactions done. Don't get an agent that does not put in the time for your real estate needs.

"Being a real estate agent involves more than just knowing the combination to the lock box. It means having sales and marketing know-how, the diplomatic skills to close a deal and the ability to represent a client’s interests above all else"

The key to all real estate transactions is that they close. That means that the Real Estate agent that are representing you, needs to have all the skills above. For example I have a very difficult home closing today that requires a lot of my time. My weeks can be many hours a week.....Make sure your agent is a full time agent. By the way the home is closing and the transaction will get done.

" Working fewer than 20 hours a week in real estate sales delivers a median gross income of $8,550 a year, according to the 2016 member profile of the National Association of Realtors. In comparison, working 60 hours or more a week produces a median gross income of $93,400, the NAR report shows. The more an agent works, the more transactions they close and the more experience they get."

I have personally closed 100's of transactions and work 60+ hours a week. Home closings can be difficult if your agent does not have the experience. Had a closing last month that included two homes. My seller also became a buyer and need the homes closed at the same time. The night before the closing the title company had a glitch in getting a signor out for my clients. I quickly got on the phone with the title company and resolved the matter. Both homes closed the next day and my clients moved into their new home.

It takes a lot of transactions to know how to handle all the ups and downs of a home transaction.  Dealing with an agent that has few of them can really hurt your chances on getting the best deal.

"While some part-time agents do regularly close deals, Alex Newell, a loan officer with GMH Mortgage Services in Nashua, New Hampshire, advises asking potential agents how many transactions they closed in the previous 12 months. “Make sure it’s at least one a month,” Newell said, which is what the National Association of Realtors says is on par with the national average. "

I do 3-4 transactions a month. Part time agents are very hard to get a hold of on a listing. With today's hot real estate market you need an agent that answers the phone. I received a call on a home last night while I was bowling with some friends. I answered the call and dealt with a client who need some information.

To wrap this up make sure your real estate agent doesn't take weekends off from the phone and they should be available to answer questions on your biggest investment of most peoples lives. Getting homes purchased and sold includes answering the phone.

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