What Does A Realtor ® Do Everyday To Get Real Estate Done

Dated: 06/18/2018

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What does a Realtor do all day is a lot of different things. Let's look at some of the everyday items that a Realtor has to deal with in order to be one. It takes a lot to get homes from under contract to sold, and Listed to sold. 
"From a consumer’s first thought about making a real estate move to actually taking the leap (whether that means right now, next month or three years from now), the agent is incubator, initiator, action-taker, coordinator, scheduler, personal concierge, resource person, problem-solver, mediator, miracle worker, red-tape cutter, transaction manager and chief make-it-happen officer of everything else that doesn’t fall into the prior categories"
Today I have to call a Inspector for a home inspection Tuesday and open escrow on the property. All the paperwork still has to go over to the lender so that the loan can get started. 

I also have a listing I have to get all the paperwork ready for and look for more properties for an international client. Lastly I need to call back potential renters of two of our properties we have listed. 

A Realtor also has to know the computer and software that run the systems for offers. There are a lot of misc paperwork that needs to be filed with an offer and knowing how to get that paperwork takes software knowledge.  

"There are no official days off in real estate. You might have spans without any scheduled appointments, but there are always inquiries, emails and texts to respond to."
"Agents are “on” no matter where they are. In our instant-response society, there really is no waiting until tomorrow
That is so true, I have walked out of movies to close deals for my clients. Sometimes you can text or email, but your cell phone has to always be on just in case. Agents that do not do this are usually part time or have another income. Get an agent that is a full time agent.

"Agents review MLS activity for any pertinent listings and updates on properties of interest to their buyers and sellers (competitive listings, price changes, under contracts, back on the markets, off the markets or solds, etc.) and notify their clients of relevant information."

I look at 100's properties a week for my clients. In today's fast paced Real Estate market, looking daily at the fresh new list of homes is crucial to your clients success in buying a home.

"Scheduling these tours requires a delicate dance that takes into consideration geography and logistics against the backdrop of unknown time constraints that sellers may impose. (“Can you come at 2 p.m. instead of 10 a.m.?” or “Today’s not good, but how about Friday?”)"
When someone lives in a home that is for sale and you are showing ten homes Scheduling becomes important. Making sure that your clients have enough time to view homes and make decisions on them takes time and you need to know that time, for both the buyers and sellers sake.

"Negotiating offers may go on for days or weeks. Once an offer gets worked out and a property goes under contract, that is just the beginning. There’s no jumping up and down, high-fiving and laughing all the way to the bank. Quite the contrary, this is where it can all go wrong"
Negotiating the best deal is an art and it takes a lot of deals under an agents belt to understand that. It is a buyers or sellers market really dictates the level of negotiating that can be done. Let's face it in a fast moving market as we have today, financing can seal a deal. Cash or a 20% down loan can make all the difference in the world in buying a home. 

Real Estate agents earn their money by getting a homes closed for a client, their experience and past closings is also a great resume on what type of agent they are. Realtors do work very hard to get real estate for clients and are the moving force in real estate in today's fast paced real estate market. 

Need an agent who has 100's of homes under their belt? I'm Brett call 216-703-5740 EXP Realty Ohio and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty Arizona 

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