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Dated: 06/16/2018

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10 years after the housing crisis opportunities in U.S. single-family residential

I read articles on real estate daily and look at the total picture of residential real estate trends. This article really talks about today's economy and it is different than it was 10 years ago. Real estate is a supply and demand in the current economy and based on financing and credit terms. This article comes from by Mikko Syrjanen and Travis Masters.

They really break down the today's real estate and who is purchasing and renting it.

"When looking at the dynamics of the single-family housing market, we also consider the potentially shifting trends of homeownership in the U.S. since the financial crisis. At about 64%, homeownership in the U.S. is among the highest in the developed world. While owning your own property has historically been associated with economic prosperity and the American dream, renting needn't only be the preserve of those economically locked out of homeownership. Many U.S. millennials (born 1980-96) have a different view of homeownership to their parents' generation. Millennials witnessed the price falls of the financial crisis, and may therefore be more comfortable with the idea of renting and the flexibility it offers. Throughout the financial crisis and the recovery to date, the number of owner-occupied households has remained stable, while rental households have increased by 8 million"
So basically potential buyers (renters) are being more cautious in buying a home and creating debt. You have a lot of investors that like to lease real estate and create a nice living area for tenants. Owner occupied homes are the same and there is still a lot of new buyers coming into the market, because of their need for a home and not wanting to lease. They also usually have better financials and put down a lot more money or just pay cash. 
"In 2016 there were 1.3 million "household formations" in the U.S. — 25% above the long-term average. In a recent research note, Morgan Stanley (MS) said it expects this trend to continue for at least the next five years driven by long-term demographic trends. Household debt-to-GDP has fallen significantly since the financial crisis, with consumers reducing both secured and unsecured debt. U.S. economic indicators are strong, measures of housing affordability are more favorable to consumers than they have been for some time and demand for housing currently outstrips supply"
Debt was the key to the downfall in in housing and that has been corrected. Household debt has dropped and so have the bad mortgages. The key to a stable housing market is the liquidity in mortgages that are sound and have sizable down payments. Investors that purchase the mortgage notes have to be confident that their investment is sound. 
In my experience with buyers since 2016 they are way more conservative on their debt and pay cash or put down sizable down payments on their home purchases. IRA's are also being used to pay for real estate. Private mortgage money is more readily available.   
Overall the real estate market looks sound and should be on a firm foundation in years to come. 
If your wanting a place to live or create income let's have coffee and discuss your options. I'm Brett and I would love to have your business. Call 216-703-5740
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Attention Realtors

Learning how to Create your own Marketing system to get a ton a leads 6/23/18


Remodeling Home in Pepper Pike Ohio 

Making a home like new and in a great location is rare, this ranch home is in Pepper Pike Ohio. I shot a video of the work we have started. We will be getting new updates weekly to watch the process until we are finished. This home will have a new kitchen, flooring, Windows, Interior and Exterior Paint. An much much more


Needing a first floor master bedroom? Remodeled home om Pepper Pike? We have one that will be priced in the mid $300's Call me I'm Brett 216-703-5740 EXP Realty Ohio. Getting a nice home in today's real estate market can be a chore. 


Look at this one before it goes on the market


6 Ways Your Real Estate Agent Is Like Your Best Friend



This is on the lighter side of real estate and I really like the article. Can a Real Estate Agent be like a best friend? Let's find out by an article from that ask that question.
Clients of mine really do become my friends and start asking questions outside of Real Estate.....Does that make me like a best friend?
1. Had a client bring me coffee from an island in the Bahamas and I got to see all the pictures of the trip. The coffee was great and I got valuable information what to see on the islands and the cost. We did all this while looking at properties.
2. Eateries are a huge topic and I had a client notice that I always put what restaurants I go to in Facebook. I was ask why I do that, I told them not all eateries go on my Facebook page unless they are good. If I do not like a place I just do not add it to my Facebook Page. Need a good restaurant just check out my
Facebook Page 
3. One of my clients are in a rock band and we discuss music, which I listen to a lot. He sent me some of his songs and we discussed the ones I likes. We had a detailed conversation on the album and the singles on it. One song sounded like a mix between an Alan  Parsons Project sound and a Pink Floyd sound. That is what friends do.
4. When you finished with a transaction there are some clients you really miss. I have had the pleasure to have a lot of them. I still have dinner and drinks with a lot of them, and the ones that I do not I miss. Realtors do miss some of their clients and it is like losing a best friend...: (
5. You also hear a lot about the family with clients and telling a Realtor is usually a safe place to do that. Realtors have to keep everything confidential so there is no safer place to talk about the family and their needs.
I had one client that promised me that he would buy his next home with me, if I sold his home in 30 days. I did sell his home in 30 days and a family member who was an agent decided that they should be the one to sell the home to them. The client stuck to his word and purchased the home through me, now that is a best friend.
6. Realtors usually have a flexible schedule like a best friend when you are in need of looking at homes. I drop everything sometimes to show clients and customers homes at a drop of  a hat. With the real estate market like it is it is important to look at homes quickly. Only friends would do that.
There you go some of the ways Realtors can be like your best friend, we also almost always answer our phones.
If you need a Realtor let's have coffee I'm Brett call 216-703-5740 EXP Realty Ohio and
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Buying and Selling real estate has been a part of my life since 1985, and knowing about the details of each deal makes all the difference in the world. With 100's of homes under my belt I have learned a lot of different ways you can find the right real estate for my clients needs.


Being with EXP Realty gives me the freedom to work better for my clients. Buyers and Sellers need to get their real estate done. That takes experience and knowledge in both finding the property and negotiating the deal.


Just talked to a client that purchased a home from me last year that needed help with some repairs that they needed done on their plumbing. I set them up with a plumber I have used for 7 years and he will be helping them with their issue and saving them money. They also know that this contractor comes recommended. They can move forward and enjoy their home.


Have an international buyer that likes to buy fixer uppers and rent and sell them. I help them locate the homes and the right contractors and rent and sell the homes for them. They also get a nice report that keeps them updated on their properties progress weekly. We just rented 6 homes for this client at the top rents in the area.


When you want to get top dollar for a property, you need to get the correct information on that home. For example what updates are needed to generate the top rents and sale prices? How much do they cost? Getting that information to the client is very crucial to their decision making.


I am meeting this morning with a client that needs more information on a home before they write an offer on it. I will get a nice report put together so that their decision making will have the correct information. Meeting at Starbucks to get all the information to them.


Basically people need information in order to create their perfect home whether it be their home or investment. Having that type of information is important in any real estate transaction. Having an agent that knows where to get all your information for you is priceless.


Look at the experience, knowledge and resume before you choose and agent. I would love to show you mine...let's get coffee. I'm Brett call 216-703-5740 EXP Realty Ohio and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty Arizona  




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