How To Sell That Extremely Hard House To Sell And Faster

Dated: 06/27/2018

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There are homes out there that are very hard to sell because of their condition and location. Location can be difficult if your in a city that does a lot of inspections and homes with tenants. If a home needs a lot of work that the seller does not want to do. Discover why we sell these properties faster. 
This article comes from by Tom Beaty that talks about mostly financing a property and some creative ways to do it. I love the title.....
Some homes have issues that need to be attended to when you are trying to sell a home. For example we sold two homes for a client that had tenants in them and they were not being reasonable about letting potential buyers see the homes. I had to get involved with the property manger and we made sure the home could be shown and sold them. There was a similar issue with this clients other tenants and we dealt with the issue and the home is closing this week.
Lori my wife that is also an agent is really good at getting the city paperwork finished and making sure the sellers are being updated on their properties. Follow ups is very important to getting these issues done.
Other homes are just need a lot of work and cannot sell at market value or most home buyers do not want to handle a remodel job. These homes can set on the market for a long time if your agent does not know how to market to other buyers.
We are closing on a home that has basement issues and it was fully disclosed with a quote in the repairs. We advertised to people and investors that look for homes in that area. We sold the home and both parties got a great deal on the home and it is now being rehabbed.
When a home is extremely hard to sell you need a Realtor that can assist in getting cost of getting the home rehabbed and ready to live in or rent. We also deal with a lot of cash buyers that can get your home sold as is and no fuss. I recently bought a home from 2 estates that needed to sell. Both parties were very happy that we purchased the homes quickly and at a fair price.
Getting extremely hard to sell homes or any home sold is what we are great at. I'm Brett
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